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Any business requires the free flow of products to customers in order to be successful. The marijuana industry in no different. Unfortunately, due to the legal inconsistencies between federal, state and local laws, businesses in the cannabis industry often find it difficult to safely protect product* and cash when it is moved from one location to another. In addition, criminals often target cash and assets when they are being moved since this is a highly vulnerable point in the supply chain. *Transportation services Maryland only. .

Furthermore, experts predict home health will sustain high growth as health care organizations expand community-based care and more individuals join managed care plans.




The Home Health Care Escort Services Inc., is the premier security firm in the transportation of assets for the cannabis industry. Our trained officers and transportation network will safely transport cash, product or other assets. Protecting products and assets during transportation is essential for the legal marijuana industry. Any product is most vulnerable during the transportation phase so it is essential to protect your products by using professional security services to protect your valuable assets. Often Retail Marijuana Stores, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Grow Operators will use employees or other internal resources to transport marijuana within state boundaries. This not only increases the liability but also increases the risk to staff. A carjacking, holdup or road “accident” can happen in seconds and thieves can quickly steal thousands of dollars in cash or marijuana before law enforcement can arrive on the scene. The Home Health Care Escort Services Inc., offers transport services using heavily secure vehicles or covert vehicles which are also operated by armed officers. All security officers are highly trained in transport security and can offer a level of security that untrained and Retail Marijuana Store, Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Grow employees cannot provide. This reduces the liability to these employees and ensures compliance with OSHA Workplace Violence directives. The Home Health Care Escort Services Inc., follows all laws and regulations and works within all State laws. By using a secure transport firm like HHCES, a Retail Marijuana Store, Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Grow Operation can increase their overall security, protect employees and decrease the liability for their business.



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