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In 1985 HHCES was established by Director of Baltimore City Jail William H. Wall (Retired). 33 years later the doors are still open and the motto “A Life That Saves Is A Life Worth Protecting” still resonates through his son Mark J. Wall, who currently directs operations under his leadership. After dedicating 15 years of State Service through Maryland OSHA Mark adds specialized healthcare security training and compliance knowledge associated with Joint Commission, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards.

This Maryland family owned Incorporation started with an idea that was so unique, yet so practical it had the ability to change the lives of many. In the mid 80’s and even today no one other than HHCES has a focused protection plan that protects medical personnel who carry medicine to homecare patients. With the recent legalization of medical cannabis the need for healthcare centered security is more urgent than ever. Our company is based on the moral belief that all people, without bias, deserve to get medical care and medicine needed to improve the quality of life in both a safe and private manner. With that belief HHCES partnered with the top medical institutions in Maryland to ensure nurses, doctors and other health care providers can safely administer care or provided medicine to patients in their community. Due to the flawless track record and exemplary customer services we have continue to evolve and secured contracts to privately transport all types of valuables, including pharmaceuticals, gems (diamonds), and people.

3rd Party Investigations/ PI Services

Cannabis Growers, Dispensary Owners and Healthcare providers in general must be able to defend their security planning and response when significant security events occur at their facility. These events might be an assault, theft, robbery or act of nature causing loss. HHCES Private Investigator and Expert Witness Services will help you effectively defend your facility’s plans and actions following these events, particularly when you are facing litigation from Maryland State Police, Maryland Cannabis Commission or other litigation proceeding. HHCES Healthcare Security senior executives have years of healthcare-specific security experience and extensive industry credentials. As MD State Police Licensed Private Detectives and court-recognized subject matter experts, these HHCES executives can Investigate adverse events and provide guidance, review your defense focus, recommend ways to manage these situations going forward and provide a written report in Maryland case file format.

Cash Transportation Services

HHCES is the first security firm in the Maryland based cannabis industry to offer integrated transportation solutions for cash and cannabis. Our highly trained officers can provide immediately increase security for your grow site, retail store, dispensary by transporting your cash off-site to either our secure storage location or to your banking partner. Businesses that maintain large amounts of cash on-site, significantly increase the risk of burglaries, robberies or internal theft. This increased risk puts employees and patrons at increased danger during a crime. Our transportation solution removes cash offsite and is transported in a highly secure vehicle by trained officers.

Marijuana Transportation Services

HHCES is also equipped to transport cannabis and cannabis products in accordance with Maryland Cannabis Commission Regulations. All transports are performed by highly trained officers in a secure vehicle. This can relieve employees and owners from the potentially dangerous task of transporting valuable cannabis products from a grow site to dispensary location.


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