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Proven Cost Effective and Improves Access to Care



Healthcare security is what we do…and we do it very well.  Ask any of our 30-plus hospital and healthcare provider customers throughout Maryland.  Over the past 33 years HHCES has been selected and retained by many healthcare service providers to ensure the safety of staff, patients and pharmaceuticals alike.  With a strong focus on customer services our partners are our priority.  Healthcare establishments that partner with HHCES receive support from a security firm that has unmatched healthcare security credentials and experience


The number one goal and main objective of the Home Health Care Escort Services, Inc. is to meet the ever increasing need to protect all medical professionals administering health care to individuals in high risk metropolitan areas throughout the United States.  The company is structured to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding home health care business base, while providing quality service at a reasonable cost.

Along with protecting health care professionals that work in the community, the Home Health Care Escort Services, Inc. is a full service Private Detective and Security agency capable of protecting buildings, facilities, executives, and valuables with a Special Units Division for loss prevention and workplace fraud investigations throughout Maryland.  Founded by William H. Wall in who has over 40 years of law enforcement experience.


“A Life That Saves Is A Life Worth Saving”

Safe jobs exist only when employers have adequate incentives to comply with OSHA's requirements. Those incentives are affected, in turn, by both the magnitude and the likelihood of penalties. Swift, certain and meaningful penalties provide an important incentive to "do the right thing." However, OSHA's current penalties are not large enough to provide adequate incentives, especially for large employers. Currently, serious violations - those that pose a substantial probability of death or serious physical harm to workers - are subject to a maximum civil penalty of only $7,000. Let me emphasize that - a violation that causes a "substantial probability of death - or serious physical harm" brings a maximum penalty of only $7,000. Willful and repeated violations carry a maximum penalty of only $70,000.



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